We are an international group of academics and practitioners, who are interested in the study of trust. Besides this website and the FINT newsletter, we also have a biannual EIASM Workshop on Trust.

Dear FINT Community,

It’s been a while but all the more we look forward to your latest news and announcements on trust research!

For our electronic newsletter “FINTnews” please send me your news items by 21 July 2014 by email g.moellering@jacobs-university.de

We include anything that is relevant to the trust research community, e.g. new publications, projects, calls for papers, events, job openings, career moves, awards, etc.

4-7 November 2014

Call for Papers

The 8th FINT Workshop on Trust Within and Between Organizations

First International Network on Trust

Coventry University, UK

Dear FINT Members,

Welcome to my last FINTnews edition and a new beginning!

After many rewarding years as Editor of FINTnews and FINTweb I have decided to give someone else the opportunity to edit these two great communication vehicles for FINT! In future please contact Prof. Dr. Guido Möllering, Tel +49-421-200-3035 Fax -3303 g.moellering@jacobs-university.de, who is recruiting the new Editor.

I have greatly appreciated getting to know everyone in FINT through FINTnews and look forward to keeping in touch via our new FINT LinkedIn Group!

Dear FINT Colleagues,

It is time for another FINTnews to share and promote trust research!

Please send me all your juicy items including:
* Calls for papers
* Career news
* Recent articles and book chapters.

Please get these to me by the end of this month, Monday September 30.

And you can also post your news to our LinkedIn Group at:


FINtnews Editor
FINTweb Web Master

Dr. Roxanne Zolin | Associate Professor | School of Management

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