electronic communication policy

The Board of the Academy established an electronic communication policy that includes explicit guidelines about the use of member emails. We greatly value the privacy of members and the expectation is that division leaders value that privacy as well by not emailing division members unnecessarily. The principle of all email communication in the Academy is focused towards a “less is more” approach since we protect the privacy and relationship with the AOM members. The policy expressly states that messages suitable for broadcast possess the following characteristics:

  • Mission-critical; mission central
  • Time-sensitive
  • Requiring “action” on the part of members
  • Academy-wide business applicable to the majority of members
  • Immediacy and currency, not just informational
  • Cannot be addressed effectively in an alternative manner (i.e., by a newsletter article or a posting on the web)
  • Corrects important errors or omissions to messages previously sent or information disseminated


  • Calls for nominations or awards
  • Announcement of elections on-line and reminders re: voting deadlines
  • Announcement of Call for Papers and opening of annual meeting registration


  • Non essential, non core, individual or third-party messages
  • Solicitations of any kind, including job notices
  • Initiatives undertaken by members on behalf of another organization (i.e., calls for papers for affiliates, position advertisements, non-Academy journals, etc.)
  • Individual surveys or queries by members for their personal or scholarly use (i.e., surveys being conducted as part of a member’s research project)
  • Member to member solicitation regarding projects of personal interest, even if Academy related (i.e., solicitations to participate in a service learning project, solicitations to contribute to the scholarship fund etc.)
  • General informational items that can be conveyed by other means like the newsletter or in a simple web posting, etc. (i.e., award winners, election winners, caucus topics, death announcements, journal contents, etc.)
  • Messages with attachments

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